How does the levitor work?

Published: 06th September 2010
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Recently I just made a trip out to Universal Studios, Florida, with the family. Upon enjoying the great atmosphere that Universal Studios brings I was thrilled to see more rides and events than from my last visit. Universal brings the best in attractions and I can't even begin to imagine how they build such life like rides and shows. Anyways, one of the most incredible things I have even seen was at the Magic Shop.

While sitting very relaxed inside of the magic show, thankfully inside and out of the heat, I watched a young magician perform the usual magic tricks that I have seen performed time after time. But then, he borrowed a dollar from one of the so called "lucky fans" and what he did with that dollar bill I could not believe. He floated it in mid air, spun it around, pushed it away without touching it, and then waved for it to come back to his hands. What was I witnessing with my eyes? After the first levitating trick I kept asking myself time after time, "How did he just do that?"

After the show and with a still puzzled face I decided to do some research on this so-called levitation that he did with the dollar bill. Upon typing in Universal studios levitation into the Google search bar it came right to the page I was looking for. The pro shop had a video of the "device". The video was around 4 minutes long and showed everything that "the levitator" could do. I still cannot believe my eyes on what it does. The video also showed the two small pieces that you attach to whatever you want to levitate but what is it made of? How does it get the objects to just float in midair?

I am still looking for the answer!

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